AFA 2017 National Adviser Conference

AFA Signs Partnership with Map My Plan

The AFA has partnered with robo-advice provider, Map My Plan, to offer a service to advisers to help them attract new clients and build financial literacy among new and existing clients.

May My Plan Chief Executive, Paul Feeney

May My Plan Chief Executive, Paul Feeney

The service – May My Plan for Advisers – will provide potential and existing clients with online access to a financial roadmap and tools to build financial literacy and to assist potential clients who question the value of advice or whether they require it.

Under the partnership, AFA members who subscribe to the service will be a package which includes ongoing client education, dashboard reporting, a co-branded website, upload and download of data for existing clients, unlimited advisers per subscription, unlimited SoAs and advice covered by Map My Plan’s financial services licence.

AFA General Manager, Member Services, Partnerships & Campus AFA, Nick Hakes said the association wanted more people to experience the benefits of financial advice it was “…partnering with Map My Plan because it helps people solve a simple problem initially and then makes it easier to start on their personal advice journey”.

Map My Plan Founder and Chief Executive, Paul Feeney said the service “…empowers advisers to improve financial literacy, leads to better conversations with existing and prospective clients, and importantly, frees advisers up to focus on delivering the strategic advice that people really value, when and where they need it”.

The partnership was announced at the recent AFA National Adviser Conference and conference delegates will be able to subscribe to the program at a discounted rate of $5,000 and include 300 clients in the subscription.

Map My Plan will also contribute 10 percent of subscription fees received from conference delegates to the AFA’s Financial Literacy Programs.