AFA 2017 National Adviser Conference

Schodel Named as AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award Winner

Queensland financial adviser Lea Schodel, of Wellthy, has been named as the winner of 2017 AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award.

Wellthy, Lea Schodel

Wellthy CEO, Lea Schodel

Schodel was chosen from a group of five finalists, which were drawn from a list of 211 nominees, a sizeable increase from 86 nominees in 2016.

The Award, which is a joint initiative of the AFA and TAL, recognises the impact of women in financial advice on their clients, the community and their profession, including contributions to financial literacy and/or campaigns for helping female clients take control of their financial lives.

AFA Chief Executive, Phil Kewin said, “Lea redefines financial advice that demonstrates a meaningful and tangible connection between personal and financial wellbeing”.

TAL General Manager, Retail Distribution, Niall McConville added Schodel “…has continued to do amazing things in this space and is a very worthy winner and a fantastic ambassador”.

The Award was presented at the AFA National Adviser Conference on the Gold Coast and includes a $15,000 TAL education package which Schodel can customise in line with her education interests and requirements.

  • paulkate72

    The fee-for-service model referred to here will require substantial restructuring of most life-risk advisers businesses. It seems do-able over time, but for many the chasm might be too wide and it’s come too late in their business lives. Heady days post-July 2016 I think.

  • Alleycat

    M/s Viskovic……No one should take you seriously.
    What you promote is a “crock !!”.
    Not one Life company has come out and said we will reduce our premiums beyond 30.0% commission rebate to accommodate those who wish to charge a fee for service.
    Giving risk advice is not “rocket science !!”.
    Otherwise many will be waiting a very long time to get a call from NASA

    For most it boils down to affordability ! and….
    Peace of mind for the client comes down to 2 things.
    1. Will my family and I be OK just in case.
    2. Will the company I’ve given my money to honour the promise on the piece of paper they’ve given me.
    For you to make this some gigantic mystery that can be mainly solved by an advice model that in reality is unsustainable and extreme,….. is ridiculous.

    Before you lash out at me, let me tell you, first off I’m a graduate from LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing Research Association) out of Connecticut, I’ve lectured on Risk insurance for the old LUA, I ran sales team of 45 Financial Planners and Life Agents for a major company and I’ve held a CFP designation ( 2003), whilst running my own practice since 1990.
    I think you have an agenda that’s in direct conflict with most advisers in the industry/profession.

  • Phil Oxenbridge

    True Alleycat, Spoken by somebody making money from offering false hope to the desperate adviser who will be hit badly by the changes….I can safely bet she hasn’t had to earn her income form “selling” risk protection to consumers, and if so, that’s probably why she is lecturing because poor sales results.

  • LifePunk

    Get with the program dinosaurs….am so bored with the needless trolling of crusty life advisers. If you’ve got nothing constructive to say then get off the keybopard and enact your BOLR.

    • paulkate72

      Hmm, your remarks so helpful in this forum. I don’t even know what ‘your BOLR’ is. In turn, if you have nothing constructive to wow us with why don’t you take your own advice, LifePunk?