Breakaway – 2 Day Business Planning Workshop

February 15, 2018 – February 16, 2018 all-day
Brisbane - QLD
Slipstream Coaching
07 3007 2070

The Breakaway – a group of riders who choose to ride ahead of the bunch leaving their competitors the task of catching them, if indeed they can!

This 2-day workshop is entertainingly robust and productive.  You can be certain, that at its conclusion, you will have achieved a concise one-page plan that not only articulates a clear vision for your business of the future, but the road map for achieving it.

You will learn how to identify your ideal clients. We’ll discuss the changes affecting your profession and you’ll learn how to capitalise upon opportunities and manage the challenges.

But most importantly you will leave the workshop full of optimism for the future armed with the tools you need to get there. After completing the workshop you will have a blueprint for benchmarking the quarterly, 12-monthly and three-year targets necessary for achieving your vision. You will also have an immediate 90 day plan that focuses on the two or three immediate tasks that will make the greatest and fastest impact on your business.

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