Certainty Advice Group WEBINAR – Better Engagement Conversations – Agreeing Value & Fees

June 20, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Financial products will separate from financial advice.

Are advisers ready for inevitable value conversations with their clients? Particularly on-going value conversations in years where the client perceives less work is required.

My next free webinar at Noon Wednesday 20th June for 30 minutes will focus specifically on having better engagement and re-engagement conversations.

How are these engagement conversations structured?

What are the steps when discussing what is financially valuable to an advice client?

How do advisers best present their value, both with new clients and existing clients?

As per my last webinar, this will be a webinar showing actual case studies taken from our work with great advisory firms engaging and re-engaging with their clients purely based upon value delivered rather than products or hours delivered.

That is, the actual transcripts which will enable me to pick apart and show the vital components of great engagement conversations which zero in on value and price, for you to re-piece together for your own unique approach with your own advice clients.

I hope this is of interest?

If so, please consider joining me for 30 minutes (yes I talk fast, and go through far too much in the short time, I know) and I hope this adds value to your own approach.

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