Deep Advice Relationships – The Response to our Crazy Marketplace

April 26, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm
Certainty Advice Group

I love the market reality for financial advice that is upon us right now:

Opposition parties trying to win future votes proposing and then re-proposing non-refundable changes to franking credits.

New technology-based speculation and frenzies promising easy returns with little risk.

Claims that proposed new product-based education standards for advice will force lots of ‘good advisers’ to leave the industry (and then the guy heading the changes leaves!).

There’s also an expensive royal commission going on all year – it makes for good headlines when a judge (not a former banker this time around) asks simple questions about systemic financial practices to executives who have all inherited their messy, hard-to-explain past failures to act in their client’s best interests.

These issues are not going away.

Consumer sentiments regarding financial advice isn’t getting any better in the current marketplace.

But that’s a good thing.

It gives us as financial advisers an opportunity.

In fact, it provides a wonderful opportunity to get back to the reasons why we become advisers. Namely, to help people lead their best possible financial lives.

These are the times to be bunkering down, focusing on what we are really good at whilst the world around us can appear increasingly crazy.

If, like me, you agree the current reality for financial advice has rarely been better than today, you might consider coming along to my next webinar – I’m going to share everything I can over 40 minutes that great advisers do to go deeper than average advisers to understand the real needs and real value clients seek in their financial lives. I’m going to share with you the micro-skills of advice needed to uncover value.

This isn’t about how to sell more product.

This isn’t about learning a ‘script’ or ‘tool’.

This isn’t about getting to “yes” quicker.

All those may be an outcome, but the focus on this webinar (and all our work) is about how to change the crazy market sentiment, client by client, that the profession of advice is built upon what people value NOT what people buy.

It’ll cost you $89+gst for the seat.

It might cost you more to miss it? (That’s a gag! get it?)

By the way, you won’t obtain mastery at the end of 40 minutes – you’ll probably obtain confirmation, or maybe insight. I really hoping that you’ll obtain greater confidence about the vastness of the opportunities before all great financial advisers here in Australia.

I look forward to you hopefully joining me, Noon (Sydney time) Thursday 26th April.

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