MDRT 2019 October Roadshow – Resilience to Thrive – NSW

October 23, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
From $148.50

You’ve got a lot on your mind at the moment, we understand!

To help you not only deal with today but prepare for 2020 and beyond we’ve created Resilience to Thrive, our October 2019 Roadshow.

Rounding out the year with you we have designed this roadshow so that you can reboot and be ready for a more positive and successful 2020.Our two presenters will leave you with great take outs, Andrew May – Strive : Stronger and Sharon McClafferty – Success and Resilience, so that you can actively implement them in your business.

We’re excited to have Andrew and Sharon presenting at our October Roadshow.

We look forward to experiencing the Resilience to Thrive Roadshow with you.

Andrew May

As one of the world’s leading strategists on wellbeing, workplace performance and leadership, Andrew May thrives on helping others reach their full potential.


  • Helping multiple Olympic athletes achieve peak performance in a range of sports, including tennis, swimming, hockey, basketball, AFL and cricket
  • Building and selling 3 successful businesses, including Executive Health Solutions to ACCOR and The Performance Clinic to KPMG
  • Best-selling author of Flip the Switch and the soon-to-be released MatchFit
  • Hosting a regular segment on ABC News Breakfast.

Beyond this, Andrew has become the trusted coach and confidante of numerous CEOs, Senior Executives and elite athletes simply because they know that his approach works. Ladies and gentlemen – please get ready to be informed, to be inspired and to be entertained by – Andrew May.

Sharon McClaffery

Sharon’s obsession with financial services started, some would say, too early. Combining experience from project management at Deloitte in London, Scandinavian Investment Banking and now almost a decade analysing the performance of Australian Financial Advice and Accounting firms, Sharon remains excited about the future for financial services.

As the co-founder of Slipstream Coaching, Sharon spends her time almost exclusively with businesses who have decided to take action. She helps financial advisers and accountants realise and flex their entrepreneurial muscles so that they can achieve their goals in business and life.

Few people in Australia, if any, would know the financial performance of as many firms as Sharon does. Her insights into high performing firms are not from a surface level glance but instead from access to their financial data, years of conversations with the owners and leadership teams and knowledge of the activities that drive the results. She is on a mission to help financial advice businesses accelerate their success so that they don’t waste their days on the planet.

  • WA – Monday 14 October 2019
  • SA – Wednesday 16 October
  • VIC – Thursday 17 October
  • QLD – Thursday 22 October
  • NSW – Wednesday 23 October
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