Tim Collins


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Tim Collins


Tim Collins represents the third generation of advisers from the same family, which qualifies him for this incredibly rare club… and he loves fish tanks!

Catch up on all previous life moments... 

  • Jeremy Wright

    Great to see Tim following in his father and his Grandfathers footsteps.

    Russell took me through his Business Insurance workshops in the late Eighties and his knowledge was brilliant then,

    Tim, you have obviously been listening and learning from the old man and his old man.

    My son has followed in my footsteps and now I am learning more from him, than what he endured ( learned ) listening to my rants.

    You have recognised the opportunities that still exist and being a bit younger than your Dad and Russell, you would have also embraced Technology like it is an extension of your arm, which will make it progressively quicker and easier to provide great advice in the retail Life area, going forward.

    The one thing I learned from Russell all those years ago and it is still relevant today, is that clients need advice and that Life Insurance advice is a specialist area that is so much more than looking at a rate book and analysing till the cows come home.

    Clients expect us to know our stuff. What they want is to be able to trust us with their future if their future becomes uncertain.

    A wise, ( dare I say it,) Old man told me that, nearly 30 years ago and I won’t embarrass him by naming him, ( RC ) though I learn’t a lot from him in those workshops and nothing of what he taught has changed, even though the world today, has completely changed.

    Good luck Tim and we look forward to hearing more of your journey.