MDRT Annual Meeting 2017

Consistency Critical to Success of Business Branding

Victorian adviser, Jenny Brown, has sent an unequivocal message to her peers about the critical importance of consistency when building a successful financial advice business brand.

Speaking at this years’s MDRT Annual Meeting in Orlando, Brown, who was the 2013 AFA Adviser of the Year, shared with her peers the experience of her own business branding journey and the major messages she has learned.

…the brand of the advice business must reflect the personality of those who work within it

Brown noted that the brand of the advice business must reflect the personality of those who work within it, which means that each adviser has the opportunity to develop and build their own unique brand offering.

While each advice business brand journey will be unique to the personality of the adviser and his/her team, Brown rammed home to her adviser peers the critical importance of the need for consistency in every action, message or any other form of communication that relates to the business and how it interacts with its clients, its prospective clients, its referral partners, its own staff and the public in general.

One of the highlights of Brown’s address, which was called ‘What Colour is Your Business‘, was her presentation of a chart of major global brands, all of which were positioned according to the colour of their logo, which in turn reflected the emotion the logo – the brand, was intended to generate:

A color emotion guide that has been developed by The Logo Company

A logo colour emotion guide that has been developed by The Logo Company, and used by Brown to illustrate the importance of colour in branding…

Brown reflected on the combination of emotions represented in this colour chart and how the colours of her own business appropriately reflected its intended personality and emotion.

Brown detailed elements which, depending on how the adviser wants to position their business, would contribute to building their public brand:

  • Writing in conversational English rather than proper Oxford Dictionary English
  • Keeping the colors of all your materials the same
  • Including your branding in your social media profiles
  • Using photos of yourself or your team in email footers and websites
  • Posting on social media and keeping your posts in line with your image
  • Sending birthday or anniversary videos to clients
  • Sending personalized videos to clients after your meetings
  • Providing welcome packs or happy business anniversary gifts to clients

In concluding her presention, Brown’s ‘main takeaway’ summary included:

  • Get other opinions on the image that you are projecting, and be prepared to take feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Brainstorm the image and brand you want to convey to the world. This might take a while to do. Use a whiteboard, and go back to it a week later.
  • Be consistent with your image. Make sure that everything matches your image—how team members dress, how they answer the phone, colors, social media posts, and interactions with clients.
  • Create and build a great LinkedIn profile for yourself, with a quality professional photo, well completed, and with some good recommendations.
  • Put in place a marketing calendar so that you know what you are doing and when you are posting it.
  • It doesn’t have to take over your life, but it has to part of your everyday life until it becomes the norm. Think about your interactions with others to ensure that they’re in line with your desired brand.