MDRT Annual Meeting 2018

Aussie Advisers Shine at MDRT

A number of Australian financial advisers featured under the spotlight at this year’s MDRT Annual Meeting.

While many Aussies were also influential behind the scenes, those who presented to their peers in various forums included:

Ross Vanderwolf and Brad Isaac. How many Australian advisers have made presentations to 15,000 of their peers?

As a member of the MDRT Executive Committee, incoming President Vanderwolf performed various MC roles during the Conference, but the clear highlight was the acceptance speech for his Presidency, which commences from 1 September 2018 (see: Ross Vanderwolf Accepts MDRT Presidency).

MDRT President-elect, Ross Vanderwolf, delivers his acceptance speech at MDRT 2018

In a Main Platform ‘MDRT Speaks’ presentation, Melbourne adviser, Brad Isaac, delivered a crisp and relevant message about some of the simple fundamentals his business has observed which has led to continued growth and success.

Isaac related how consistently conducting six client meetings per week will inevitably deliver success and growth, and that activity generates more activity.

Other key messages Isaac delivered in his brief presentation included:

  • We delegate anything we aren’t paid to do
  • Make client appointments unique
  • Have a client photo board displayed prominently in your office
  • Preparation is key
  • Statement of Advice – create a front page that articulates your client’s aspirations and dreams
  • The longer we remain in the industry the easier the positive outcomes for our clients become
  • Check in regularly with your clients, satisfy compliance and regulations and deliver the client outcomes that you promise

Melbourne-based holistic adviser, Brad Isaac at MDRT Speaks

Other Aussie speakers at MDRT 2018 included:

Roy Hall (Queensland): Making a Difference…

Industry elder statesman, Godfrey Phillips (NSW): Financial Oxygen

PJ Byrne (Queensland): If Not You, Who? – Changing People’s Lives

Alex Braun (Victoria): Turbocharge Your Business Through Creative Prospecting

Dominic Schuh (Queensland): The Value of a Mentor

Amanda Cassar (Queensland) Leadership Lessons From Unlikely Leaders

Ross Hultgren (Victoria) How to Build a Business With Multiple Income Streams