MLC Australian First – Launch of Best Doctors Service

MLC has launched a new, value-added service into the Australian life insurance market, called Best Doctors.

Best Doctors provides eligible MLC critical illness policy holders and their immediate family with access to world class medical advice whenever it is needed.

The service provides a dedicated point of contact for the client when needed most.  It collects all existing medical information from which a detailed clinical summary is created and given to an appropriate, peer nominated, Best Doctors specialist for review and recommendations.

…sometimes, having money is not enough

The value of Best Doctors for clients is best expressed by UK adviser, Colin Boxall, who was part of MLC’s national roadshow to launch the service.  Speaking from personal family experience, Mr Boxall told advisers that in relation to receiving claim benefits for critical illnesses “… sometimes, having money is not enough.”

Mr Boxall explained that at crucial times when a family member is suffering a trauma-related event, it is vital for the family to be able to access expert second opinions on diagnoses as well as access to confirmation or other recommendations about treatment options.

For Mr Boxall, based on his personal experience, Best Doctors gave his family “…an immense sense of relief.”

All recommendations and results stemming from the Best Doctors service are fed back to the client’s ‘local’ medical experts (MLC does not receive any information).

the additional input from Best Doctors is … seen as a collaboration, rather than an intervention

According to MLC and Best Doctors, their experience suggests that in almost all cases, the additional input from Best Doctors is well received by local doctors and is seen as a collaboration, rather than an intervention.

Best Doctors is a totally free service to the client, paid for by MLC.  It can be used at any time, that is, the client does not need to have submitted a claim in order to utilise the service, and can be used as many times as the client wishes, for critical illnesses, chronic or degenerative conditions for which they and/or their family need more information or second opinions.

The Best Doctors service is available immediately to both new and existing clients holding MLC Critical Illness policies, and their immediate family, and is being held by MLC to offer a ‘differentiator’ for advisers when deciding which insurer’s critical illness contract will offer the best value for their clients.

Click here to access more details about Best Doctors.

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