Securitor Launches Online eBook Initiative

Dealer group, Securitor, launched a new service earlier this month, intended to make it easier for its advisers to access and compare key information about the insurers and risk products featured on its approved products list (APL).

Called Securitor Edge, the service takes the form of an online ebook that collates a vast array of information from seven life insurers and presents the information in a way that is meant to be easy for advisers and their support staff to analyse and compare.

Unlike life company adviser guides, where all the standard features and benefits are detailed, the Securitor Edge service focuses on those aspects of the products and services provided by the companies on its APL that differentiate them from their competitors and/or makes them unique.

Each of the seven insurers was asked to articulate the ‘uniqueness’ of their offering across product and service areas including:

  • Pricing points
  • Occupation groups
  • Product features and benefits (eg: modified trauma product options)
  • Underwriting Services
  • Claims (including availability and nature of tele-claims services)

According to Securitor’s National Manager, Insurance, Melissa Crawford, the value of Securitor Edge for the dealer group’s 460 advisers has proven to be its ability to centralise key information into one point, avoiding the need for advisers to reference each insurer’s adviser guide to access the answers they need in order to make decisions for their clients.  Ms Crawford added that the service is also proving of great value for advisers who are new to the insurance sector, or have little experience to date.

Delivered to its advisers via social media channels, Ms Crawford said Securitor Edge will be regularly updated to take account of industry updates across all of the areas for which the service holds and reports information.

(The seven insurers on the Securitor APL who have participated in the launch of the initial Securitor Edge service are: AIA Australia, Asteron Life, BT Life, MLC, OnePath, TAL and Zurich.)


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