Sir Bob Geldof to Address AFA National Advisers Conference

The AFA has announced that British musician and a humanitarian Sir Bob Geldof KBE will address delegates at this years AFA National Adviser Conference on the Gold Coast.

Sir Bob Geldhof KBE

Sir Bob Geldof KBE

Geldof will be the headline speaker at the conference and is known for his work in helping people in poverty and the aid organisations which assist them. He came to fame as the lead singer of the Boomtown Rats and the founder of Band Aid and organiser of Live Aid.

He has been nominated twice for a Nobel Peace Prize and was named Fellow of Mansfield College Oxford in recognition of his humanitarian work in poverty areas.

The AFA, in conjunction with TAL, stated it would be offering complimentary seats to the partners of financial advisers who wished to see Geldof speak at the conference.

The announcement follows the recent release of the program and speaker line-up for the conference which includes an address from Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer and Shadow Minister for Small Business and Financial Services, Senator Katy Gallagher

  • Reality Check

    Could a Monday get any better than this?
    Not only have we awoken to the news that churning isn’t actually an industry issue anymore now that the FSC members have provided ASIC with actual data post the LIF, an article posted by ASIC through Risk info that hasn’t elicited a single adviser comment (no doubt because Risk advisers are still a bit teary with gratitude)
    But no there is more!
    The AFA and TAL have pulled a rabbit out of the hat by nailing Sir Bob Geldof for the conference who could not be a better person to see us through to future glory days. And getting advisers partners along is a stroke of genius. These partners simply won’t care anymore when they see a (slight) drop in the household income after hearing Sir Bob (genius!)
    No longer will Sir Bob be able to croon “tell me why I don’t like Mondays”

    • Grounded

      Ha ha, very funny Reality Chick. Except most of us are reading this on Tuesday & don’t have your time machine. As for Peter Kell’s comments, churn was only one type of inappropriate advice identified in Rep413. The problem hasn’t disappeared because of one year of lapse reporting. It’ll take a generational change to deliver better quality risk advice across the board.

      • Reality Check

        You must of course be right. You MUST be. Because of the staggering 200 files of targeted advisers reviewed by ASIC churn was in fact identified as a problem with upfront commissions. However once the data of 1000’s of policies was provided by the FSC members it wasn’t. This MUST have just been a slight error by ASIC but they MUST still be right about everything in Rep413 from 200 files.
        The FSC MUST have been right not to provide this data until after the LIF was passed because they MUST have had the consumers best interests at heart. The AFA and FPA MUST have been right not to insist upon an adequate industry wide review before the LIF was passed and not on the basis of 200 files.
        But I am still holding out for Sir Bob to fix this up. He MUST.

        • ken

          Personally I think he would be great to listen to ! But at $1500 a pop I think I will listen to Band aid at home !
          I am sure last years fees were nothing like this ?? Im saving my $1000 to pay for ASICS botched investigation! cannot afford both !

          • Reality Check

            I agree Ken, I’ve stopped attending AFA events. Why would any adviser want to bother after this. Many of us may be forced to be members but a room full of product providers and empty of advisers will send a pretty clear message