TAL Offers LIF, Professional Standards Course

TAL has expanded its adviser education offer with a course designed to assist advisers prepare for business changes under the Life Insurance Framework (LIF) and professional standards legislation.

TAL GM Retail Distribution, Niall McConville

TAL GM Retail Distribution, Niall McConville

Offered via TAL’s Risk Academy, the free one-hour course will cover the LIF and professional standards legislation and a timeline of expected events and what will be require of advisers in the future, according to TAL General Manager Retail Distribution, Niall McConville

“We also explain higher education pathways that advisers may not be aware of, such as study units that do not require classroom learning,” McConville said.

“The course also provides case studies to demonstrate the impact of the LIF remuneration structures on advisers’ business models and options for managing business efficiency and client engagement,” he added.

…some advisers were still uncertain about the timelines and requirements of the LIF changes…

McConville said that attendance and feedback from the Risk Academy indicated some advisers were still uncertain about the timelines and requirements of the LIF changes and that more than 200 advisers had attended the course already with many citing the clarification of the LIF reform timeframes as a highlight.

The course is presented by TAL General Manager of Legal, Chad Downie and TAL Sales Development Manager, Mitchell Ramsbotham. It can be accessed as on on-demand webinar and carries one CPD point accredited through the AFA and FPA.

The course is the second new addition to TAL’s Risk Academy which recently included a course on cancer awareness (see: TAL Offers Cancer Awareness Course), adding to the more than 30 courses already available through the online training portal (see: TAL Boosts Risk Academy With More Courses, CPD Points).

  • Squeaky_1

    Well, isn’t this nice of TAL. After they and the other life companies FAIL to champion the cause of the adviser in the 2 year clawback and lower commissions scandal, TAL will now help us with classes to ‘adjust’ to this new universe. Life companies don’t fool me anymore with their duplicity. They will STILL get up at PD days and bleat they are “passionately committed” to the adviser distribution channel. I’ll be sick if I hear that one more time – how “passionate” they are. Honestly, leave it out! I’m expecting to be sick again very soon. They then develop the ominous ‘robo-advice’ and dangerous stripped-down policies that don’t pay at claim time AND charge the same or MORE to the client in premium. This is what they pass off as their understanding of “client best interest”. Fraudulent at best. This is, of course, all the while as they hike premiums to cause lapses for which, of course, the adviser gets the blame.

    • BKY

      The only thing that keeps me going right now is the fact that no matter how hard the Insurers (FSC) try to make risk advisers redundant, they can’t…and won’t as long as the regulators don’t set the standards for policy definitions, conditions and clauses…while ever competition exists and product innovation remains, then so will the need for consumers (who take Risk Insurance seriously) to gravatate towards a specialist risk adviser.

      Your talk about not trusting insurers…I still cannot beleive how many people in our wonderful industry either don’t know about the impacts of the 3-year non-disclosure period…OR don’t want to know……I haven’t believed a single word the distribution side of their business has told me for many years now…it’s not the BDM’s fault as they are only told what their employers want them to know and they have KPI’s to meet…but you don’t know what you don’t know.

    • Ken

      I sincerely believe that BDMs are brainwashed into this or they simply give ” lip service”!to the advisers in hope of getting a good result for them next time some random assessment company asked the adviser about how they feel about the assistance they receive from them
      I have only 1 true BDM that I feel really does try to look after us no ! I’m not telling you !!! But Dave thanks for your devoted assistance without all the +*#££~ I get from some others who won’t go past Hornsby in case they fall off the end of the world
      I fear that most of you will soon be in a similar boat towing to stay afloat as your positions slowly but surely become redundant due to online sales
      My how the mighty have fallen