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AIA Australia Distribution Exec Seconded to Hong Kong Office

A senior staffer within AIA Australia responsible for dealing with non-aligned financial advisers will be heading to Hong Kong after he was appointed to a similar role for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets.

AIA Australia Head of IFA Distribution, Sam Tremethick

AIA Australia Head of IFA Distribution, Sam Tremethick will head to Hong Kong from January 2018 after he was named Regional Head of IFA and seconded to the AIA Group.

In the new role, Tremethick will be responsible for driving the IFA growth strategy across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He joined AIA Australia in August 2012 as National Manager Strategic Partnership before moving into the role of Head of IFA Distribution in November 2014.

Tremethick will be replaced by AIA Australia Head of Strategic Partnerships, Kristen Lennis-Harvey as Acting Head of IFA Distribution for Australia who will oversee both roles in the interim period.

AIA Australia Chief Retail Insurance Officer, Pina Sciarrone said the insurers aimed to position its staffers “…so we can work with our business partners and ultimately serve our clients in the best possible way”, adding that Lennis-Harvey would ensure IFA business partners received the same level of support they had received to date.