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TAL Appoints Specialist Medical Advice Board

TAL has appointed a new medical Specialist Advisory Board to provide the insurer with guidance in complex claims cases and to assist it in annual reviews of its medical definitions.

TAL, GM, Health Services, Sally Phillips

The independent board will cover the areas of cardiology, respiratory conditions, neurology, oncology, endocrinology, psychiatry, neuropsychology and infectious diseases and “…will share updates on medical advancements and clinical protocols to ensure TAL’s approach to product, underwriting and claims reflects the latest medical best practice,” said TAL Group CEO and Managing Director, Brett Clark.

“The role of the Specialist Advisory Board is to ensure TAL stays at the forefront of medical thinking for the benefit of our customers and partners,” he added.

“The role of the Specialist Advisory Board is to ensure TAL stays at the forefront of medical thinking…”

“We believe that health and life are intrinsically linked and the Specialist Advisory Board’s independent, objective medical expertise gives us confidence that we are providing our customers and partners with the best possible support,” Clark said.

TAL General Manager, Health Services, Dr Sally Phillips, said members of the Specialist Advisory Board would include experts in medical fields most relevant to life insurance and customer health and would be a key element of the insurer’s medical due diligence and governance model.

Phillips also said the board would enable TAL to be involved in new research which would boost its ability to understand, manage and support the mental, physical and financial health of its policy holders.

The new board will work with TAL’s in-house Health Services team and will be complementary to a specialist advice panel that TAL refers to for day-to-day medical opinion.