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  • FPA Roadshow to Tackle Education Confusion
  • AFA Promotes Parity For Women in Financial Services

FPA Roadshow to Tackle Education Confusion

The FPA will seek to unpack details relating to new education and professional standards at its upcoming National Roadshow.

FPA CEO, Dante De Gori

Commenting on the confusion among advisers about how the changes will affect them, FPA Chief Executive, Dante De Gori said the annual roadshow “…was an important opportunity for financial planners to unite across the profession and discuss what all the changes will mean”.

The roadshow will visit 33 locations and will start in Victoria in mid-April and run until June.

De Gori said FPA members were encouraged “…to share their concerns so that we can address the issues and build a solid position to respond to FASEA in an appropriate and meaningful way”.

“Our aim is always to support FPA members to meet their education and professional obligations and this will be a focus of our discussion at the Roadshow,” De Gori added.

AFA Promotes Parity For Women in Financial Services

AFA Inspire National Chair, Dianne Charman

The AFA has thrown its support behind efforts to build gender parity for women and its Inspire community will run a series of events on International Women’s Day (IWD) to promote change within the advice community.

Running under the theme of #PressForChange the events will take place on 7 March in Adelaide and on 8 March in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane featuring leading women in business, financial services and the community.

AFA Chief Executive, Philip Kewin said the AFA Inspire #PressForChange events provided the financial services industry with an opportunity to be part of a global community supporting women.

“We hope our events inspire our own community to push for the cultural change that is so necessary for the success of working women; a culture which genuinely recognizes, respects and values the work women do,” Kewin said.

AFA Inspire National Chair, Dianne Charman said women and men from across financial services were welcome to attend the events and “…to celebrate the success of women in our industry, to acknowledge the challenges that still confront working women and to #PressForChange by encouraging, supporting and contributing to the ongoing success of women, both globally and in our own industry.”

  • Katherine Hayes

    There is still plenty of work required. At the last AFA event I attended I was asked on 2 separate occasions if I was there attending with an adviser. So much unconscious bias it’s not funny.