Zurich Offers Lifestyle Program to Retail Clients

Zurich has rolled out a mobile app-based lifestyle program to retail life insurance policyholders which provides discounts on a range of lifestyle and entertainment offers.

Zurich Head of Propositions, Tim Howell

Membership to the new program, called ‘Loving Life’, will be offered on a rolling 12 month to policyholders who keep their policies inforce with Zurich and members will have access to more than 4,500 lifestyle and entertainment offers through their smartphone.

The location-based app will allow members to save money when purchasing food, petrol, movie tickets, travel and accommodation and also contains a dedicated ‘Health and Wellbeing’ section with deals for active lifestyles and activities to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Zurich Head of Propositions, Tim Howell said the aimed to reward customers for their loyalty and to encourage healthy behaviours, and created a platform for customers to engage with the insurer.

“Customers told us they appreciate the ability to drive extra value from their life insurance and were especially impressed with the breadth of offers and simplicity of redemption,” Howell said.