Advisers Making Greater Use of Health Care Services

Health care services facilitator Unified Healthcare Group (UHG) has reported a 20 per cent annual increase in the number of financial advisers using its medEbridge platform to access services for clients.

UHG Chief Executive, Rob Farmer

UHG reported the growth as the total number of health services transacted through the platform exceeded more than 220,000 over the past year, while the network of healthcare providers available through medEbridge grew to more than 50,000.

The company stated the life insurance sector had been using the platform to manage risk and governance issues. At the same time, the procurement of healthcare services through medEbridge resulted in life insurers and financial advisers improving compliance with relevant codes of practice and community standards.

UHG also noted that the platform had moved from facilitating the purchase of services from GPs and nurses and now provided access to medical specialists and rehabilitation providers as well. Additionally, as a result of this expansion in services there has been a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in the number of financial advisers accessing medEbridge.

UHG Executive Manager of Client Strategy & Solutions, Derek Brand said, “Having all health procurement data in one platform means we can provide our clients with valuable insights that can help to deliver better underwriting, claims and return to work outcomes.”

Speaking about the increased usage of the platform, UHG Chief Executive, Rob Farmer said, “An increase in the breadth and diversity of healthcare providers available via the platform, and a sustained investment in technology, are driving the growth in transactions”.

“We are now seeing more clients trusting us with all their healthcare needs. The key is having the right providers and services available, and making the connection as simple as possible, whether it’s integrating medEbridge into their systems or providing a good web-based experience for users,” Farmer said.