News in Brief

  • Mental Health Pilot Boosts Welbeing
  • NEOS Names Trustee For New Pay-By-Super Product

Mental Health Pilot Boosts Welbeing

A pilot program developed by MetLife Australia to assist people with primary mental health conditions has assisted around 20 per cent of participants return to work within three months of starting the program.

The Nourish program, designed by MetLife’s in-house health recovery specialist team and launched in November 2017, is offered by the insurer to its customers as a free service.

The program primarily supports customers with mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, and provides access to advice, support and specialised services to help improve function, build resilience and resolve concerns relating to their condition, their social circumstances and their psychological status to aid recovery.

Data from the program fund that 60 per cent of participant reported an increase in physical or mental function across one or multiple dimensions of functioning and a seven-fold increase in people participating in occupational rehabilitation compared with 2016 data.

MetLife’s Chief Claims Officer and program Director, Mark Raberger said,“By focusing on return to health, we find that people in the Nourish program are more engaged, more motivated and able to focus on the things that really matter to them”.

“One in five Nourish participants return to work within three months of commencing the program, and 32 per cent have had their primary medical carer clear them to increase their work duties or hours,” he added.


NEOS Names Trustee For New Pay-By-Super Product

NEOS Life has appointed financial technology and infrastructure company, Sargon as the trustee of its recently launched pay-by-super life insurance product, the NEOS Super Plan.

The product, which was launched in September, provides a pay-by-super option for advice clients who use NEOS Protection life insurance policies.

NEOS Life Managing Director, Brett Yardley, “Sargon is helping NEOS Life navigate the complex and changing superannuation regulatory environment so we’re able to offer the best possible pay-by-super solution to our customers”.

“We’ve chosen to partner with Sargon because of their strong compliance culture. The services they provide also mean we have more time to focus on what matters to us; advisers and their clients,” Yardley said.

Sargon, which operates in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong provides financial institutions with trustee services, technology and infrastructure to the providers of investment funds and financial products.