Risk Commissions Will Remain – Advisers

Do you think life insurance commissions will eventually be banned in Australia?

  • No (57%)
  • Yes (30%)
  • Not sure (13%)

The majority of advisers believe risk commissions will not be consigned to history.

During what may be remembered as one of the darkest-ever periods for the reputation of life insurance advice in Australia, a resilient 59 percent of those taking our poll believe that life insurance commissions will be retained. 28 percent think time will eventually be called on risk commissions, and 14 percent think it’s too close to call.

…very few, if any, of the revelations at the Royal Commission have involved advised life insurance scenarios

If there was ever a time to speculate on what many may consider to be the unthinkable idea that risk commissions might be banned, now is that time – especially given the intense bright light being shone on unacceptable industry practices, courtesy of the Financial Services Royal Commission. (We note, though, that very few, if any, of the revelations at the Royal Commission have involved advised life insurance scenarios.)

Numerous advisers have predicted over time that risk commissions will eventually be banned. They think it’s inevitable. Our poll results, though, place these numerous advisers still in the minority, with most envisaging a more pragmatic future in which risk commissions will remain. By implication, these more optimistic advisers are saying they think Australian consumers will still have the choice of accessing advised life insurance solutions.

We thank passionate NSW adviser and MDRT stalwart, Guy Mankey, for adding this comment to our story last week, which encapsulates much of the sentiment expressed to Riskinfo on this question:

“Should they be banned? No. Will they be banned? With the vested interests involved, quite possibly. And sitting back thinking it can’t happen will only give those seeking a ban the opportunity to get their way.”

Guy’s message to his peers is simple: If you want life insurance commissions to continue, make your voice heard.

Our poll remains open for another week and we welcome your thoughts on this critical question…

  • Warren B

    We are trying to make our voice heard, but the government, the regulators and the FSC are NOT listening!

  • Jeremy Wright

    If you want to win a fight, do not defend your position, attack the injustices by demanding irrefutable proof.

    To this day, there has not been irrefutable proof that the vast majority of Risk Advisers do the wrong thing.

    In actual fact it has been proven time and again, the exact opposite.

    I have never lost a fight, because I know that what our Business has done from Day One, has been to work for our clients honestly and with Integrity.

    We have had many Organisations over the years try to push their barrow the wrong way and we have always been polite, though have never taken a backward step and have always demanded accuracy and proper verification, plus justification which has always meant we have won every time.

    It is about time the AFA and FPA learn from our 31 years experience and start asking for irrefutable proof and proper analysis, or the Association will be forced to take Action against the Government and the Regulators for failing the Best Interest Duty that they introduced.

    • Squeaky_1

      Jeremy, if as you say you have “never lost a fight” please bring your considerable presence and power to bear upon this issue for us. I have said before that you have a seemingly unique, powerful and well articulated voice upon these issues and that you may be our best hoipe in getting our message across to these ferals that want us gone. Please consider it and make your mark ‘outside’ of these commesnt section. No politician or FARCIA member could possibly hope to out-word you or out-think you in a debate so I see you as our very best bet. unless you see retirement looming for yourself mate, I can’t see a better use of your time right now – I’m sure your business can run itself for a short while (part time?) given what is at stake.