Quotes Software Delivering Results – BT

BT Insurance says the recently-released online version of its LifeCENTRAL+ quotation system has already delivered a 30 percent increase in usage.

The insurer reports that more than 3,500 advisers and/or their support staff are now using its life insurance quote and application software since the release of its internet browser version in April (see: BT Product, Service Updates).

According to BT Head of Product, Life Insurance, Sean Boner, LifeCENTRAL+ Online is attracting new users due to its improved functionality.

He said the system is designed to support the different ways that many advisers work and engage with their clients: “Advisers can obtain a quote, apply for cover and check on the progress of their clients’ applications, from virtually anywhere,” he said, adding that advisers can also share access to quotes and applications with their colleagues and support staff from their laptops or mobile devices – allowing them to collaborate within their teams more efficiently.

BT says it has added the following features to its quote and application system in the last eight months:

  • Split payment options for policies linked inside and outside super
  • Integration with IRESS RiskResearcher and OmniLife Risk Research tools
  • Flexible application form
  • Copy, store, share and delegate functionality