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Poll Results – Outsourcing Clients’ Claims

The majority of advisers have said they prefer to manage their clients’ claims, rather than outsource them. (more…)

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0 · August 7, 2018 in Claims, Polls  

Lack of Time Driving Advisers to Claims Services

Advisers are opting to use claims advocacy services to free up their own time to interact with clients and to work on their businesses, according to the head of AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA), Bruno Muraca. (more…)

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6 · July 31, 2018 in Claims, Services  

Outsourcing Your Clients’ Claims?

Our latest poll is seeking your view on the prospect of outsourcing your clients’ claims processes to a third party. (more…)

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0 · July 31, 2018 in Claims, Polls  

Claims Advocacy Service Promoted as Efficiency Driver

Australian Financial Risk Management’s claims advocacy service has driven greater efficiencies within its business, according to the risk-focussed advice practice. (more…)

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0 · July 17, 2018 in Claims, Services  

PJC Claims FSC, Insurers Slow to Act on Inquiry Report

A Parliamentary Joint Committee inquiry has challenged life insurers and the FSC for their lack of action in dealing with concerns raised at a previous PJC life insurance inquiry, claiming the inaction was further damaging the credibility of the life insurance sector. (more…)

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0 · July 11, 2018 in Associations, Claims, Compliance & Regulation, Products, Services  

ASIC Commences Legal Action Against AMP Over Life Insurance ‘Rewriting’

ASIC has begun court proceedings against AMP Financial Planning (AMPFP) alleging some of its advisers engaged in conduct to rewrite life-insurance business to receive higher commissions, and so breached their best interest duty obligations. (more…)

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6 · June 27, 2018 in Claims, Compliance & Regulation, Products, Remuneration  

TAL Launches Spinal Health Education Initiative

TAL has launched an underwriting education initiative to assist advisers and their clients better understand the process around assessing musculoskeletal health conditions in the spine. (more…)

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0 · June 25, 2018 in Claims, Services, Underwriting  

PJC Told Insurer-Funded Rehab Payments Would Increase Trust

Specialist claims management group, AFRM Claims Advocacy (ACA) has thrown its support behind calls for life insurers to be allowed to fund rehabilitation services, claiming it will improve consumer trust in the sector. (more…)

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1 · June 19, 2018 in Associations, Claims, Compliance & Regulation, Services  

Life Insurer Funded Treatments Would Benefit Thousands

New research has reinforced the call for life insurers to be allowed to fund rehabilitation costs not covered by private health insurance, claiming more than 10,000 people would benefit each year from life insurer funded services and treatments. (more…)

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0 · June 6, 2018 in Associations, Claims, Services  

FSC, Insurers to Take on Claims Data Collection

Life insurers are likely to take over the task of collecting and analysing claims and dispute data from ASIC and APRA, after the two regulators gave their support to a data gathering project presented by the FSC. (more…)

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2 · June 5, 2018 in Associations, Claims