AFA Conference 2019

August 28, 2019 all-day
Adelaide Convention Centre

Now is the time.

Our world isn’t changing, it has changed. Now more than ever we need to be focused and intentional about the value we add to our current and future clients.

I believe there is more opportunity to deliver quality advice now than ever before.

The AFA has a rich heritage of providing a platform for members and the broader advice community to connect face-to-face on many occasions throughout the year.

Our signature event, our conference, is the place to be. It brings everyone from around the country to connect in person to be inspired, encouraged, and to learn and have some fun together.

If you’re like me and have been attending for many years, we are looking forward to your continuing support and input. You are very much valued.

If you’re new to the advice world or have never been to our conference you may be just like I was – shy and nervous, not knowing anyone! We have a great first timers event pre-conference and this is an amazing way to get connected. I can’t encourage you enough. I would welcome a personal call via AFA HQ if you are considering coming and I would be happy to answer any questions directly.

If you are a business owner and have a team of 2 or many, this can be a great option to take the team away to reward them for their hard work and to be refreshed. I have taken my team away before and it’s great to bring the whole team on the journey you’re on.

Further, can you visit beautiful Adelaide a day prior or preferably the Saturday after, and have your annual offsite team planning session? If you’ve never considered this for your team, I do not believe there is a better time in our history to get planning, debrief and implement some of the great learnings from the conference. I have previously asked my team to make a list of 5 things we can implement following the conference. If you’re after a facilitator for your planning day, there will be plenty of people already in Adelaide for the conference!

On a personal note, I have made the AFA conference a rock in my calendar since I first attended 5 years ago. It has by far been the most valuable event to me in the advice community. Not only the quality content and speakers but the relationships I have formed. The first conference I went to I only knew one person. Fast forward, I now have a network of friends all around Australia and in 2019 I have the privilege of being the conference chair.

We are stronger together as a community. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide for what will be a great couple of days to look forward to the future together.

Glen James
NSW/ACT Director, AFA

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