MDRT Annual Meeting 2018

Ross Vanderwolf Accepts MDRT Presidency

Queensland adviser, Ross Vanderwolf, has delivered his acceptance speech at this year’s MDRT Annual Meeting, ahead of his elevation to Presidency of the global MDRT organisation in September.

Vanderwolf’s address to his peers was entitled ‘Deep Conversations’, in which he referenced a real-life experience of danger to reinforce the point about making promises and commitments to yourself and those close to you – and keeping them.

Another key message Vanderwolf shared with his audience of 15,000 advisers related to the critical importance – more than ever – of the need for advisers and advice businesses to be flexible in order to cope with and embrace the regulatory change that is sweeping through the global advice community.

Vanderwolf will become the 92nd President of MDRT and the first-ever Australian to hold this honoured post.

Ross Vanderwolf asked advisers to continuously assess what it takes to deliver great advice to their clients in a constantly evolving global regulatory environment…