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  • Advisers Should Embrace Content Marketing
  • Future2 Launches Cycling Fundraiser
  • One-third of Retirees Won’t Meet Their Financial Goals

Advisers Should Embrace Content Marketing

Advisers should invest in content marketing in order to achieve greater cut-through with their promotional activity, according to marketing expert Claudio Pannunzio.

Mr Pannunzio, President of US-based financial services marketing firm i-Impact Group, explains that content marketing involves the creation and dissemination of original and useful content aimed at educating key audiences, rather than just promoting a product or service.

“The ultimate goal of content marketing is to provide information on a proactive and ongoing basis; information that the target audience finds valuable and that ultimately positions the adviser as a trusted professional,” he said.  “In essence, your clients and prospects engage in conversation with you before you even know they are interested in your services.”

However, Mr Pannunzio warned that it is not simply enough to create content, the marketing material must also prompt action.

“This could be by simply downloading your newsletter, signing up for a seminar/event, accessing significant articles or white papers or becoming your advocates,” he said.

Future2 Launches Cycling Fundraiser

The Future2 Foundation has announced the launch of its 2012 Wheel Classic, a long-distance cycling event which raises money for the charity’s grant program.

Participants in the Wheel Classic, which is sponsored by AMP Financial Planning and Matrix Planning Solutions, will cycle over 1200 kilometres from Sydney to Melbourne this September.

The money raised will fund Future2 Make the Difference! Grants, averaging $10,000 each, which benefit a wide range of grassroots not-for-profits running programs for disadvantaged young people.  All grant applications have the support of local financial advisers.

To register as a cyclist or fundraiser, click here.

One-third of Retirees Won’t Meet Their Financial Goals

One-third of financial planning clients approaching retirement will not achieve their financial goals, according to the results of an Investment Trends study.

The 2011 Retirement Planner Report found that financial planners anticipated that 33% of their clients under the age of 75 would be dependent on the Age Pension for more than half their income when they retired.

Similarly, 28% of customers with a financial planner said they felt they were not on track to achieving their retirement goals.

“In light of this, it is not surprising that in 2011 planners advised 69% of their pre-retiree clients to contribute more to their super, 26% to retire later and 13% to downsize their home,” said Recep Peker, Investment Trends Senior Analyst.  “Most planners are not shy of recommending the tough strategies required to help their clients get closer to their retirement goals.”

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