AFA Launches Paraplanner Support Network

The Association of Financial Advisers has announced the launch of a new community of practice for paraplanners, called Pulse.

AFA CEO, Phil Kewin …uniting as one community to support each other

AFA CEO, Phil Kewinsays “As paraplanners are often at the very heart of an adviser’s business, our vision for Pulse is to empower them to feel more connected to their own community, share resources and learnings, and have their unique voice heard.”

The initiative has been designed as an online community, reflecting the way many paraplanners work and will be led by national chair and paraplanning business owner, Hayley Knight.

Knight will be supported by a team of state chairs and said, “I am honoured to be the inaugural leader of Pulse and look forward to collaborating with other paraplanners to help further develop Pulse into the kind of community they want and need to support them in their day-to-day business.

“Pulse is about uniting as one community to support each other, but it is also about standing up in support of advisers and the work we all do towards the common goal of delivering great advice to everyday Australians,” she added.

Pulse will host its first networking event to celebrate the launch – a breakfast featuring Michelle Hoskin, at the AFA Conference in August.

Hoskin founded Standards International, the UK’s premier certification body for British and international financial services standards and recently led a sector committee to develop and launch a new international standard for paraplanners.

AFA CEO, Phil Kewin, discusses the newest addition to its Campus AFA Community – AFA Pulse – with its inaugural National Chair, Hayley Knight

The AFA has also announced the launch of Campus AFA Community, a online education community for its members to connect and support each other and their share experiences.

Kewin said tools will also be available to help members meet their professional education and exam standards set out by FASEA.

The Campus AFA Community is initially available on Facebook and the AFA page on Facebook is currently over 2,000 strong.

Kewin said that a Campus AFA Community resources page will be launched on the AFA website in the coming weeks, for members to access similar resources and tools available on its Facebook page.

Click here for further details about Pulse. 

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