New Adviser Matching Service Initiative

A new online matching service from The Financial Planning Association of Australia aims to help Australians find the certified financial planner best suited to meet their personal money and life needs.

FPA CEO, Dante De Gori …a new way for Australians to connect with financial planners

The ‘Match My Planner’ service uses a UX-based research approach to match people online with a CFP® professional based on a personalised profile of money and life goals, and location.

The interactive service asks consumers questions about their financial goals, demographic information and the number of planners they wish to hear from.  CFP® professional FPA members who have downloaded the app are then notified and can respond if they believe their services are a good fit.

FPA Chief Executive, Dante De Gori CFP®, says the association believes the service is a “game-changer” for the way people connect with financial planners.

“The FPA is empowering Australians for a better future by making it easier than ever to search and find a CFP® professional on their own terms,” he said.

“The new Match My Planner online service ticks more of people’s boxes, and also focuses more exclusively on connecting consumers with the highest level of qualification currently available in Australia.”

The FPA’s previous location-based Find a Planner directory averaged 6,900 searches, 14,500 profile views and 40 direct messages per month.

However, the FPA adapted the directory service to create Match My Planner based on its own research, which found that consumers searching for a planner tend to use six distinct filters when making their decision: trust, comfort, tailored recommendations, rapport, impartiality and reputation.

“It’s a new economy, a digital economy, where consumer expectations and technological possibilities have shifted.”

“It’s a new economy, a digital economy, where consumer expectations and technological possibilities have shifted,” De Gori said.

“The previous Find a Planner tool is heavily based on geographic location. Research confirmed our hypothesis that it’s an important decision criteria but not the primary one.”

The Match My Planner service was first launched to FPA Members at the FPA Professionals Congress in November 2018. Eligible members need to download the app to be accessible by consumers.

Match My Planner is now available from the FPA’s Money & Life website.

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