Fitzpatricks Expands National Footprint

National advisory and wealth management firm, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth, has announced its latest financial advice practice partnership with Perth-based Stewart Symonds & Partners.

Fitzpatricks Private Wealth CEO, Matt Fogarty …welcomes new partnership with Stewart Symonds & Partners

Stewart Symonds & Partners is one of seven new practices with a total of 38 advisers licensed by the Fitzpatricks Group since July 2018.

Fitzpatricks Private Wealth CEO, Matt Fogarty, welcomed the new partnership, noting that the Perth practice and its General Manager embody the firm’s core values.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Stewart Symonds & Partners to join our national team – a professional, client-centric practice established over some 26 years,” he said.

Stewart Symonds Partner and General Manager, Garry Symonds, has spent the past 13 years at the firm and brings more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Symonds says Fitzpatricks’ values and vision resonated with Stewart Symonds and how the company wanted to move forward.

“Fitzpatricks has been a true partner. Its underpinning values, ongoing support, direct availability and access to the leadership team has been essential to ensure a smooth transition – something you don’t get anywhere else,” Symonds said.

“Fitzpatricks view the world the way we do – the client always comes first.”

“Fitzpatricks view the world the way we do – the client always comes first. We are not trying to sell clients a product, rather looking at getting them well organised financially over the long-term.”

He added the firm was attracted to the Fitzpatricks private ownership model and family office feel, as well as the firm being well-capitalised to support genuine advice practices with appropriate resources to grow successfully.

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