Vitality Celebrates Fifth Anniversary in Australia

AIA Australia has celebrated the five-year anniversary of health and wellbeing program, AIA Vitality, as it launches the programme in New Zealand.

AIA Australia & NZ CEO, Damien Mu …celebrating five years of AIA Vitality in Australia

The program launched in Australia in 2014 and has since connected with more than 160,000 Australians, helping them to better understand and improve their health, using behavioural economics to educate, remove barriers, and reward and incentivise positive change to support Australians and motivate engagement with the program.

AIA said its Vitality programme also provides members with more affordable insurance cover.

It stated: “Those who purchase eligible life insurance policies with AIA Vitality attached receive an initial policy discount of 12.5 percent which can increase by 1 percent per year up to a maximum discount of 20 percent for members who achieve Gold or Platinum status (which is based on their engagement with the program).

“MyOwn health insurance customers receive a 5 percent policy discount on joining, which they retain if they reach and maintain Silver status, and members with Silver status will also receive refunds for hospital admission excesses and dental gap payments.”

Vitality members are offered incentives such as charity donations, shopping rewards, savings on gym memberships and discounts on life and health insurance premiums.

Vitality 5.0 is expected to roll out towards the end of this year and according to the insurer, AIA Vitality members have:

  • Had 25,000 health checks
  • Completed 250,000 health and wellbeing self-assessments, including assessing their mental health
  • Taken nearly 90 billion steps since the program launched
  • Visited partner gyms more than one million times
  • Earned almost $26 million in total rewards (Australian members)

AIA Australia and New Zealand CEO, Damien Mu, says “Since introducing AIA Vitality, we have been able to transform the role that we play in our customers’ lives and in society, from simply being a payer of claims, to a partner in their ongoing health and wellbeing.”

Geoff, a Vitality member, was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma in his lung in 2017, which was followed by a full hip replacement.

“It has made me focus on my wellness after a couple of health shocks. I have achieved Platinum status even though in August of last year I was told the cancer had metastasised,” he said.

“Vitality and the achievement of the next level has given me something to focus on while undergoing immunotherapy every two weeks, chemo every three weeks and some fairly lengthy periods of radiation every day.”

“We take great pride in the fact that AIA Vitality has had a profound impact on people’s physical and mental wellbeing.”

Mu noted: “AIA Vitality is a prime example of the shared value approach we bring to our business; what is best for our customers – living healthier, longer, better lives – is what is best for us, our partners and society.

“We take great pride in the fact that AIA Vitality has had a profound impact on people’s physical and mental wellbeing, and it underscores our vision to champion Australia and New Zealand as the healthiest and most protected nations in the world,” he added.

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