Brisbane Firm Doubles-up on Top Practice Award

Brisbane-based advice firm, Wealth Connexion, has won Sentry Advice’s national financial advisory Practice of the Year award for the second consecutive year.

Wealth Connexion MD, Alexander (Xan) Kitchin …consecutive top honours within Sentry Group firms

This annual award is intended to recognise Sentry’s most successful and exemplary role model business in the provision of best practice financial advice and client service.

Commenting on this achievement, Wealth Connexion Managing Director, Alexander Kitchin, said the back to back winning of the Award is an important affirmation of the firm’s business strategy and direction, where the six core drivers of performance that are constantly reviewed and fine-tuned within the advice business are:

  1. Professionalism – continuously and objectively challenging the status quo, ie doing things better
  2. Client – providing peace of mind, value and confidence in the informed financial decisions they have made
  3. Client service – the keystone of good business and longevity
  4. Compliance – the most important undertaking of advice businesses
  5. Expertise Education Experience – requires constant investment
  6. Continuous Improvement – the only way for a business to remain relevant

In congratulating Wealth Connexion, Sentry’s Head of Advice, David Newman, commended the practice for ‘not standing still’ after winning the award last year.

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