2021 Income Protection Insurance Virtual Round Table – Part 1

Find out what your peers think about the new era of income protection insurance products – both the challenges and the opportunities – in this new Riskinfo Round Table series of conversations…


Link to New IP Products – Changing From Own to Any Occupation article…


Life Company Voice
Adam Crabbe: Risk Strategy Specialist – Life Risk, Zurich Financial Services Australia | |

Adviser Voices
Katherine Hayes: Director & Financial Adviser, Hayes & Co Insurance Services |
Andrew Sherlock: Senior Financial Adviser & Head of Advice, Sherlock Wealth | |

Paraplanner Voice
Lia Barnard: Principal, Specky Paraplanners |

Licensee Voices
David Spiteri: formerly National Risk Manager, Centrepoint Alliance | |
Eugene Ardino: Chief Executive Officer, Lifespan |

Association/Industry Voice
Phil Anderson: General Manager Policy & Professionalism, Association of Financial Advisers | |

In Part 2 of our 2021 Income Protection Insurance Round Table, the panel will be reflecting on a range of issues including product complexity, pricing, affordability, transitioning from old products to new and helping clients make informed decisions…

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