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Former AFA CEO Named as Advice Group Board Member

The former Chief Executive of the AFA, Brad Fox, has joined the board of Sydney based financial advice firm, Stanford Brown, as a non-executive director.

Former AFA CEO, Brad Fox

Former AFA CEO, Brad Fox

Fox listed the position on his LinkedIn page with his period of engagement having begun in May, two months after he stood down from his four-year role at the AFA.

He said his role on the board was to bring external views to the business and provide broader experience as it moved into the next phase of its development, with the length of his term of service as a director being open-ended.

After stepping down from his role at the AFA, Fox had continued to act as a consultant to the Association in the areas of professional standards and codes with that arrangement concluding on 30 June 2017. Fox, however, remains on the Code of Conduct Committee as a volunteer AFA member.

In a statement released by Stanford Brown, founder and Chair David Brown said, “I am delighted to welcome Brad to Stanford Brown. During his four year tenure as CEO of the AFA, he showed real courage and leadership. Brad’s appointment is the first stage of our longer term strategy of creating an independent and diversified board. I admire Brad’s character, work ethic and strategic thinking, which will add significant value to our organisation.”