Fox Named as Chair of Boutique Advice Firm

Former AFA Chief Executive, Brad Fox, has been appointed to his second board position with a financial advice group, having been named as Non-Executive Chair of boutique advice group, Tribeca Financial.

Former AFA CEO, Brad Fox

Ryan Watson, Chief Executive of the Melbourne based business, said Fox was the first chair of the group and had been instrumental in its recent development of a 10-year strategic plan, which included the formation of a board and appointment of a chair.

Watson said Fox was driven by ‘purpose and values’ and his agreeing to join the board was an indication the business was progressing in the right direction.

“His experience and leadership, together with his passion for the profession of financial advice, will assist us to surge forward with our plans to positively affect more and more people’s lives by helping them achieve their good life, which is our ultimate goal,” Watson said.

Fox said his role as chair will be to “…guide their vision through strategy, structure and focus from which to launch their next wave of growth”.

Fox is currently a non-executive board member of Sydney based financial advice firm, Stanford Brown (see: Former AFA CEO Named as Advice Group Board Member) and was recently named as one of three people with financial advice experience to sit on ASIC’s peer review panels (see: Former AFA CEO Named to ASIC Peer Review Panel).