CommInsure Partners With UnderwriteMe on New Application Process

CommInsure has launched a new digital quote and application process, based on UnderwriteMe’s underwriting rules engine, that will be available to advisers and their clients.

CommInsure Head of Life Distribution, Olivia Sarah-Le Lacheur

The new quote and application tools, named MyQuote and MyApply, respectively, will replace the insurers existing tools – CALQ and WriteAway – and will be available via the CommInsure website.

CommInsure Head of Life Distribution, Olivia Sarah-Le Lacheur said the insurer was the first to roll out a digital quote and application process using the engine which was designed using input from financial advisers.

“Asking the right people the right questions at the right time means advisers have more meaningful conversations with customers. Having the capability to remove irrelevant questions for each customer – like asking an accountant if they work underwater – and reducing the need for as much follow-up evidence improves advisers’ productivity,” she said.

Sarah-Le Lacheur said the new quote process would produce a premium illustration through MyQuote before an adviser proceeds to application, and any pricing changes due to the customer’s medical history or changes to the cover being offered could be reviewed before cover was issued at an premium rate agreed with the client.

The new service builds on previous efforts by CommInsure including the launch of Income Care Platinum last year, improvements to medical definitions, and the introduction of tele-interviewing, Sarah-Le Lacheur added.

UnderwriteMe Australia Business Development Director, Rakesh Kaul said the new process developed for CommInsure was intuitive and easy to use for advice clients and efficient for their advisers.

“Our technology makes it really easy to transform the buying experience, as well as providing valuable data allowing insurers to prioritise further developments,” Kaul said, adding “this is an exciting time for CommInsure and UnderwriteMe, as we work together to modernise the Australian insurance industry, just as UnderwriteMe has done in the UK”.