Friday, October 30, 2020


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FOS Top 10 Tips for Getting Advice Right

When providing personal financial advice to retail clients, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you can avoid disputes. It...

Case Study – The Value of Pre-assessments

This case study focuses on the underwriting process, and the value of utilising pre-assessments. It is designed to help advisers improve their process, their...

Case Study – FOS Determination – Income Protection Offset

This case looks at a dispute between a claimant and their insurer, which was resolved by the Financial Ombudsman Service in June 2014. The...

Case Study – Swansson v Harrison

In this legal case study, Richard Swansson (plaintiff) successfully sued the adviser, Russell Harrison, and his licensee (Synchron) for damages of nearly $1.5 million...

Case Study – CFP v Couper

This legal case study deals with a client who switched his life insurance cover from one company to another, on the advice of his adviser....

Case Study – Ravesi vs National Australia Bank

In this legal case study, the client, Paul Ravesi, successfully argued that he was entitled to damages because his adviser, Peter Moore, an employee...

Case Study – Smoking Status

In this claims case study, the adviser shares the difficulties he encountered when lodging a claim for a client who had quit smoking prior...