Thursday, May 30, 2024

Tag: Retail

Case Study – The Value of Pre-assessments

This case study focuses on the underwriting process, and the value of utilising pre-assessments. It is designed to help advisers improve their process, their...

Case Study – Preston v AIA Australia

In this legal case, a carpenter who took out a life insurance policy with AIA Australia, took the insurer to court for refusing to...

Case Study – 30 Year Old Stroke Victim

This claims case study is told from the point of view of the customer, Sam Benjamin. His wife, Erin, suffered a stroke shortly after...

Case Study – Young Life Cut Short

In this claims case study, financial adviser, Ted Zappara, shares the heartbreaking story of how he lost his daughter at the age of just...

Case Study – My First Claim (Karyn Hilton)

Before becoming an adviser, Karyn Hilton worked as a nurse. In this claims case study, Karyn shares how this previous experience helped her identify...