Sunday, November 1, 2020


Tag: white collar

Case Study – The Value of Pre-assessments

This case study focuses on the underwriting process, and the value of utilising pre-assessments. It is designed to help advisers improve their process, their...

Case Study – Ward v MetLife

In this legal case, the plaintiff sued his insurer after his group salary continuance claim was discontinued because he was deemed to be no...

Case Study – Ravesi vs National Australia Bank

In this legal case study, the client, Paul Ravesi, successfully argued that he was entitled to damages because his adviser, Peter Moore, an employee...

Case Study – An Unidentified Claim

In this claims case study, a couple, both medical practitioners, who were referred to the adviser for a review of their insurances discovered they...

Case Study – 30 Year Old Stroke Victim

This claims case study is told from the point of view of the customer, Sam Benjamin. His wife, Erin, suffered a stroke shortly after...

Case Study – Any Occupation TPD

In this claims case study, the adviser tells how she stepped in to help the client receive the TPD benefit they were entitled to...

Case Study – My First Claim (Craig Ball)

In this claims case study, succession and estate planning specialist, Craig Ball talks about how nervous he was when faced with his first claim,...