AIA Trials Mobile Claims Assistance for Serious Illness

AIA Australia has begun a pilot scheme to assist policyholders through the claims process by offering mobile, personalised assistance to those undergoing a serious illness or significant health event.

AIA Australia, Chief Retail Insurance Officer, Pina Sciarrone

AIA Australia, Chief Retail Insurance Officer, Pina Sciarrone

The pilot scheme – Claims on Wheels – will initially focus on cancer claims and provide free assistance through the claims process, resources to form a support network for the claimant, and connect them with other service providers who can help them through the illness.

AIA Australia described the service as ‘door to door support’ provided through a personal Claims Consultant and move away from the traditional method of claim lodgement, allowing its clients to focus on taking care of themselves during their illness.

AIA Australia Chief Retail Insurance Officer, Pina Sciarrone said, “We understand the financial and emotional stress that illness can put you and your family through, and the last thing you want to worry about is more paperwork! So we thought about how we could help ease that burden for our clients. Claims on Wheels aims to give clients the best support and advice in their time of need”.

Claims on Wheels will be piloted in Victoria initially and if successful will be rolled out to other states around Australia.

  • ken

    Great idea
    I hope they see just how much work goes into looking after the clients issues that is constantly provided by the adviser free of charge