Integrity Life Product, Tech Upgrade

New retail insurance player, Integrity Life, has released the first upgrade for its retail life insurance offer, delivering a range of product and technology enhancements.

Integrity Life MD, Chris Powell …unencumbered by legacy systems

Taking immediate effect, the enhancements include:

  • Expanded combination of policy ownership options, allowing clients to split and combine covers across Personal, Business, SMSF and Superannuation options and to take advantage of the 15% rebate on premiums, if appropriate
  • Availability of a two-year waiting period for income insurance which has the effect of reducing premium
  • Inclusion of a new Critical Illness Relapse option, allowing the cover to be reset after 12 months with the potential for additional benefits on the reset cover
  • Introduction of a Life+ option to reward healthier lives, which Integrity Life believes will apply to 30 percent of new policy applications. It offers reduced pricing for the life of the policy, where the life insured has:
    • A BMI of between 18 and 25
    • Never smoked
    • No conditions which may result in a loading
  • Waiver of the premium for the insurer’s Care Support Package when three covers are selected for the life insured and minimum sums insured are met
  • Implementation of a new portal and system enhancements which will allow policy ownership to align with  client’s advised strategy
  • Ability for advisers to nominate another adviser with whom to split their commission if, for example, they partnered or received a joint referral
…unconstrained by legacy systems …means our focus can be on continual improvement

Reflecting in particular that his company is not subject to the dictates of legacy books of business, Integrity Life’s MD, Chris Powell, commented, “When we launched to the retail market a few weeks ago we talked about our ability to be nimble, and the continual process of enhancing and improving the products and services we offer advisers and their clients. Being unconstrained by legacy systems and making full use of the best technology available means our focus can be on continual improvement.

Click here to access Integrity Life’s retail PDS.

  • Alleycat

    Chris, you started out with noblest of intentions but the reality delivered a lot less.
    Your new enhancement are not up to scratch for BMI discounts.
    I shouldn’t have to tell you that a larger competitor offers BMI discounts to clients that fit within the range of 19-28 and offer them to smokers and non smokers.
    You may think that all you want is Olympic athletes.
    Well I have a former Olympic athlete who used to smoke a little but she gave up more than 17 months ago and whilst we got her insured with the lifetime BMI discount of 15.0% already in place, the 4 policies you could have had were placed elsewhere, will now be even infinitely cheaper after applying the non smoker rates.
    Food for thought, if you intend to make your mark in the market.