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AMP Wealth Management Strategy a ‘Return to the Dark Ages’

Synchron Chair, Michael Harrison, says AMP’s new strategy for wealth management, is a ‘return to the dark ages’, where institutions make and create product and force people into them, with respect to what an individual actually needs given little thought. (more…)

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2 · August 12, 2019 in Compliance & Regulation, General, Remuneration  

AMPFPA Objects to Buyer of Last Resort Terms

AMP Financial Planners Association have announced they will be contesting changes to AMP’s Buyer of Last Resort terms. (more…)

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2 · August 9, 2019 in Associations, Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration  

‘Deep Concerns’ Over Removal of Grandfathered Commissions – AFA

The AFA has expressed its strong reservations in relation to a number of issues surrounding the removal of grandfathered investment and superannuation commissions (see: Government Confirms Grandfathering Ban Date). (more…)

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5 · August 5, 2019 in Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration  

FPA Warning on Grandfathered Commission Ban

The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has raised its concern that consumers could be the ones to miss out as the Government’s Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2019 is introduced in the Australian Parliament, ending the grandfathering of commissions on investment products. (more…)

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1 · August 2, 2019 in Associations, Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration  

Government Confirms Grandfathering Ban Date

The Federal Government is set to implement legislation that will ban the grandfathering of investment and superannuation commissions by 1 January 2021. (more…)

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7 · July 30, 2019 in Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration  
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Exiting Advisers Urged to Consider Options

Risk advisers contemplating closing their business and exiting the advice sector should first consider other options, says Caboodle co-founder, Warwick Hearne. (more…)

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2 · July 15, 2019 in Compliance & Regulation, General, Remuneration  

Latest Poll – Soft Skills Training?

At a time where industry focus is being directed to new minimum adviser education standards and the FASEA exam, we’re asking whether the importance of soft skills training is being given its due respect and recognition. (more…)

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2 · June 18, 2019 in Compliance & Regulation, Polls, Remuneration  

AFA,FPA Life Insurance Task Force Latest

The AFA and FPA have released further details on their joint life insurance task force initiative (see: AFA, FPA Join Forces…). (more…)

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16 · June 17, 2019 in Associations, Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration  

ClearView Releases Paper on ‘The Shameless Truth’ About Commissions

ClearView has released new research which reveals that any additional changes to adviser remuneration will neither lift advice quality nor result in improved client outcomes. (more…)

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9 · June 4, 2019 in Company News, Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration  

AIA Engages Bernie Ripoll on Industry Direction, Commissions Agenda

In declaring its support for the retention of risk commissions, AIA Australia has retained the services of former politician and Future of Financial Services reform architect, Bernie Ripoll, to work with the financial services sector in developing long-term policy solutions. (more…)

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7 · June 1, 2019 in Company News, Compliance & Regulation, Remuneration