Case Study – Powerful Client Letter


This letter was sent to the adviser by the mother of a 27 year old man, diagnosed with cancer. It demonstrates the value that advisers deliver every day to individuals faced with genuine hardship. As the adviser points out, successful client relationships and client outcomes are at the centre of what advisers do, and technical expertise, qualifications, experience, interpersonal skills and a commitment to help clients are all equally important to achieve these outcomes. We thank Michael and his clients for letting us reproduce this letter.


At a glance

Submitted by: Michael Nowak
Business name: Joe Nowak Financial Services Group
Licensee: AIW Dealer Services
Brad Smith, male, diagnosed with cancer
Claim type: TPD through superannuation


In detail

Dear Michael,

Colin and I want to thank you. We are so thrilled that we have had success for Brad in his TPD claims with his two super funds. It is all due to your hard work. It has been so very kind and generous of you to give Brad your time and professional expertise in dealing with claims of disability. For you to do it pro bono, as a service to Brad, was heartening to us. It is almost exactly a year since his diagnosis, and there is no way, with all the worry and radiation and trips to specialists here and in Sydney, that we would have had the energy or heart for a different struggle with insurance companies. Now we see why Tom recommended you and continues to have you as his insurance rep, even though he now lives on the other side of the country.

Today, Brad looked at the bulky files of papers, reports, emails, etc. that we have built up dealing with these claims, and said we couldn’t have dealt with it on our own. True. Brad has said this money will change his life. I hope so, if it helps to build his sense of hope and ease or gives him some fun, we will be relieved. He just turned 27, and hopefully he can use the money for a little travel with his girlfriend, and some to put aside in case he needs it later.

we couldn’t have dealt with it on our own

I am grateful for your quite, calm and patient manner and am sure this has worked in our favour with the insurance companies. If I had had to deal with them I would have found speaking about Brad and his illness too personal and difficult. I was touched at how much you were cheered by any small bit of better news we had. Your secretary too was caring and always professional and never made me feel a nuisance when I phoned or emailed on small matters. The fact that you returned our phone calls and emails when you were on family holidays and business trips showed me it was more than a job to you.

I know you have put in countless hours for Brad, and you made us feel we were important clients. Dealing with busy, crowded hospitals and overworked doctors we have not always felt important. Being seriously ill is constantly waiting, being humble, and a lot of bad news. So now, after all your hard work, Brad has had some good news and it has lifted his spirits and that is half the battle! Thanks again.


Alison Smith