AdviserLogic Relaunches Risk Tool Using Omnium Data


Financial advice software provider AdviserLogic Group will relaunch its RiskLogic life insurance module using Omnium to provide insurance quoting and research.

AdviserLogic Group CEO, Daniel Gara

The new module was released at the end of September and will include the ability to see premium breakdowns, compare retail risk products directly with group risk products, quote on a combination of standalone and linked products and validate quotes with retail insurers.

The module was beta-tested by a select group of AdviserLogic clients and will retain integration with other research providers to meet the needs of different licensees.

AdviserLogic Group CEO, Daniel Gara said the upgrade was a significant step for the 1400 users of RiskLogic who now had access to highly accurate quoting and comprehensive research adding, “Omnium have earned their excellent reputation in this space and we know our users will be thrilled with this development”.

RiskLogic was first launched seven years ago and is one of a suite of financial advice focused software applications along revenue management tool, PayLogic, client and investment data management tool, DataLogic and financial planning tool, AdviserLogic.