TAL Risk Academy to Include FASEA Masterclass


TAL has released details of its 2019 Risk Academy program for advisers, which includes new courses and university partnerships intended to support advisers with FASEA education requirements.

TAL’s Head of Licensees and Partnerships, Beau Riley

TAL said key additions to its 2019 program included:

  • A new FASEA Masterclass to help advisers prepare for the FASEA exam, which all advisers need to pass by the end of 2020
  • A redesigned course structure that aligns with FASEA’s new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system

The insurer also noted TAL Risk Academy students will also be eligible for fee discounts and pathway options with its university partners.

TAL’s Head of Licensees and Partnerships, Beau Riley, said the aim of this initiative is to support its adviser partners by providing resources and guidance to help them meet the new FASEA guidelines and provide the best possible outcomes for their clients.

“By completing courses from the TAL Risk Academy, advisers could subsequently save considerable time and cost by enrolling with TAL’s partner universities, where they can obtain discounts off their course fees and access a graduate pathway,” he said.

TAL advises its 2019 Risk Academy has added 13 new product-agnostic courses to its suite of over 60 courses, which are available via webinar, on-demand or face-to-face. It says the courses engage leading industry experts across a broad spectrum of areas relating to risk advice, including practice management and social media marketing.

The insurer noted more than 1,400 advisers attended TAL Risk Academy masterclasses in 2018.


  1. I’m 58 years old. I dearly loved our ‘once great’ industry and never wanted to stop what I do – helping and protecting my clients. I’ve been advising and helping clients for 34 years. Come end of 2020 the ‘powers that be’ would have you believe I am no longer capable of helping families with income protection, life, TPD or trauma cover – as I have done for 34 years quite successfully without a hard word or complaint from a client yet – especially the hundreds with whom I’ve helped claim. The ‘powers that be’ are insisting I must get a degree and be able to help clients now, with knowledge about international currency markets, Contracts For Difference (CD’s), derivatives, trade balances and any one of another dozen complex financial subjects that fully qualified investment planners need to know. The ‘powers that be’ in their infinite wisdom think this knowledge will help me help my clients learn about insurances better. I don’t react or do well under the pressures of exams and I find I don’t learn as well as I once did. This doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten anything important that I need to help protect my clients. I see things pretty simply, as I know many other ‘risk-only’ advisers do. People like me and my colleagues around my age love out clients and we feel the sentiment is mutual. We planned to be helping our precious client until health failed us – probably out past 70 for me. However, ‘the powers that be’ have made it so that we must leave the industry in late 2020 (age 59 for me) because we don’t know all the complex calculus and investment knowledge of the investment planners. makes as much sense as having doctors forced to do lawyer exams. If you can see the sense in any of this please comment here. Maybe I’m missing something . . .

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