TAL Launches Health Sense Plus

TAL has announced an enhancement to its existing Health Sense program, launching TAL Health Sense Plus.

TAL’s Dr Sally Phillips …rewarding customers’ commitment to their health

TAL Health Sense Plus is intended to reward eligible TAL Accelerated Protection policy holders with an additional premium discount package linked with pro-active health screening.

TAL General Manager, Health Services, Dr Sally Phillips, said the Health Sense Plus package encourages advisers’ customers to have preventative screening tests by rewarding their commitment to their health with a 5 percent discount off their lump sum premiums every two years:

“Preventative screening tests are health examinations that aim to identify and reduce the risk of future health conditions,” said Phillips, who added that research commissioned by the insurer found that while 45 percent of Australians believe having a preventative screening test is extremely important to their overall health, the majority of Australians (71%) admit to not having had one:

…the Health Sense Plus offer will create opportunities for advisers

TAL’s GM Retail Distribution, Niall McConville, noted from the adviser perspective that the Health Sense Plus offer will create opportunities for advisers to have new conversations with their customers as well as play an active role in their health journey:

“Health Sense Plus is one of the ways we are investing in health to help advisers provide the best possible outcomes for their customers as well as grow their businesses.”

Click here for more information on TAL’s Health Sense Program.

Note: TAL advises that in order to be eligible for its Health Sense Plus Program, customers will need to have confirmation of the preventative screening test (eg copy of the GP invoice, Medicare statement, referral letter or GP note) and their BMI must be between 19 and 28. TAL says it will not collect any information relating to the preventative screening tests.

  • PS

    So funny…they jack up their premium rates between 4% and 12% for IP, Trauma & TPD from 01/07/2019 [for pre 01/01/2018 issued policies] – level premium contracts limited to 10% increase! And then, from 01/09/2019 they offer a 5% discount if your BMI is good or you get a GP invoice for a preventative test.

    They must think we’re idiots!