579 Sit FASEA Exam

FASEA has confirmed 579 advisers sat the first round of its adviser exam in June.

The June 2019 round of exams, held across five days between 20 – 24 June, were conducted in nine different locations around the country, which collectively offered 55 opportunities for advisers to take the exam.

While the Authority is yet to confirm the pass rate for advisers from this first round of exams, it has confirmed that for the next round of exams to be held in September, there will be over 90 opportunities for advisers to sit the exam, due to the high demand it says it is experiencing.

FASEA has also indicated it is working with professional education provider, ACER (the Australian Council for Educational Research), to explore additional adviser exam centre locations in regional areas, subject to demand.

Meanwhile, the Authority has confirmed the dates for its third and final round of exams in 2019, to be held in December. The following table presents the current options for advisers for both the September and December rounds, with the possibility of more regional locations to be added to the existing nine locations:

FASEA adviser exam dates for the rest of 2019, where the Authority also notes that exam sitting dates include weekends and that there are two sittings per day

Advisers seeking further details, including inquiries about other registration site options or remote digital access to the exam can contact ACER at: faexam@acer.org.

  • I wonder what the holdup with the results is? If they take more than 16 days to mark 573 exams, then how long will it take them to do the expected 5,000+ participants that will take the exam in each of the future periods on average?

    If I understood correctly, the exam is pass/fail only, i.e. the moment the passmark is reached, the examiner can stop. Since the majority of the questions are multiple choice they may only need to review anything between no short answer questions, a few such questions and only when it comes to the wire will they need to review all of the short answer questions (some people may pass purely on the multiple choice questions, others may not pass regardless of their short answer questions).

    • Anon

      Very sensible idea Christoph. However I think the barrier to doing it this way is it would also reduce the cost. And when cost is reduced, there is less scope for the corrupt “education providers” who have hijacked FASEA to fleece more money from advisers.

    • Anon

      I’d suggest that they’re taking a much closer look at the varying responses so that they can create a systemised marking system going forward (as well as examining whether or not the questions were clear enough to have some consistency in responses)

  • The patriot

    i hear that there is a question mark over validity of the exam.. .ie they did not follow the format of the legislation by ignoring the maximum mark available for each question. will that make the exam invalid? or a free re-sit for those who failed? Multi choice exams are usually electronically marked which takes a nano-second… what is going on in FASEA?

    • Rocket

      Yep, I sat the exam and I noticed the same thing. I hope FASEA address this as a matter of urgency because I don’t want to find out my result is invalid at the last minute, or god help me post 1 Jan 2021.

      • Ken

        Did you get a result yet ? I have not heard anything from anyone on passes or fails

  • Gruntled

    If FARCE..A has failed to follow the legislative instrument that says that the marks for the short answer questions must be shown then a simple solution exists. Those who passed are deemed to have passed and those that haven’t are deemed not to have passed or failed. Those that have not passed should be allowed to resit the exam at no cost and without a 3 month delay.

    Especially in light of this exam absurdity on top of the ludicrous sample questions and the unavailability of the exam in regional areas the timetabling deadline for the exam must be urgently revised.