FASEA Exam Poll

Does the 90+% pass rate for the first round of the FASEA adviser exam give you a renewed optimism for the future of your advice career?

  • No (52%)
  • Yes (34%)
  • Not sure (14%)

Our latest poll draws on the announcement last week that more than 90 percent of your peers passed the first round of the FASEA adviser exam (see: FASEA Confirms 90%+ Advisers Pass…).

Responses from advisers to news of the 90+% pass rate was generally positive, but many took the opportunity to air their thoughts around the merits of the exam in the first place, in terms of the extent to which it will elevate the level of trust in Australian advisers and the quality of advice that consumers will be able to access in future.

Does the 90+% pass rate encourage you, especially if you were wavering in your commitment to undertake the exam? Does your future and that of your business look that little bit brighter today than it did before this news?

Short, sharp and sweet with this question. Tell us what you think – we always welcome your measured views – and we’ll report back to you next week…

  • Ken

    Passing this is just one small step in a thousand more to come
    Most advisers ( say 50 and over ) are using it as a stepping stone to stay in the profession 4 more years before selling up making a “sea change” to a new occupation or perhaps some kind of share purchase arrangement with staff
    The true impact of this legislation will not be felt until 1st January 2024 when it will impact not just the retail insurance industry but the health system and the creation of even greater under insurance
    AFA and FPA are once again sitting on their hands I have heard nothing that gives me any hope of suitable change

    • Squeaky_1

      Good words Ken and ‘Gruntled’. Sad beyond description what’s happened to our once-great industry. Sadly, experience counts for nothing now in ‘risk advising’ and the Govt, FPA and life companies are all complicit in the death of our beautiful industry. They truly know not what they do . . . self-centered fools all and they simply don’t see it – Hayne, govt et al. They have killed the spirit of ‘client best interest’. They all should be ashamed or have charges brought against them. Too sad for words.

  • Gruntled

    How is it that a number of institutions are running eight hour training sessions on how to prepare for the FASEA exam when all details of the exam are embargoed. One organisation even provided training before the first exam was held, at minimal cost.

    The cost of doing the commercial training sessions under exam conditions is the same as the cost doing the exam under exam conditions. Having done the exam once would be the best preparation you could get for the exam and you even risk passing on your first attempt and saving $5-600.