2020 MDRT Annual Meetings Go Virtual


The MDRT organisation is shaping to deliver a mega virtual annual meeting later this year.

The global adviser association, which boasts over 66,000 life insurance and financial advice professionals, has adjusted to the practicalities of this extraordinary year by scheduling a virtual annual meeting during August.

To be conducted over five days from 3 – 7 August, this mega virtual event effectively replaces both the 2020 North American MDRT Annual Meeting, which had been scheduled to take place in Anaheim in June and the now annual MDRT Global Conference, to have been held in Dubai in early September.

While further details are yet to be released, the nature of the event looks set to still offer virtual versions of different styles of presentations typically delivered at the live events. These include:

  • Main platform presentations
  • Focus group sessions – industry experts and thought leader presentations across a variety of categories including:
    • Protection products
    • Wealth management
    • Retirement strategies
    • Marketing
    • Prospecting
    • Business processes
    • Staffing
    • Technology
    • Fees
    • Work-life balance
  • MDRT Speaks – brief, faster-paced sessions which feature MDRT members sharing innovative and creative business ideas designed to improve productivity, client engagement strategies and business practices

MDRT informs its members it realises the best decision for the organisation and its members was to shift its attention to delivering “…one exceptional virtual event” this year.

…it is building this event “…to be a one-of-a-kind virtual experience”

It says it selected the August timing to allow sufficient time to make sure the required technology could be correctly implemented, tested and up to the standard of excellence expected of a meeting delivered by MDRT.

MDRT notes it is building this event “…to be a one-of-a-kind virtual experience,” intended to deliver the tools advisers need to overcome the challenges they and their clients are facing.

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