Adviser Support For Key FASEA Exam Topics


TAL has developed a new webinar that supports financial advisers with the key areas of under-performance identified in the FASEA adviser exam.

A statement from the insurer says that the webinar, run through TAL’s adviser education program – TAL Risk Academy, explores the FASEA exam topics that FASEA highlighted as weaknesses “and it provides webinar attendees with a framework for learning success”.

The exam topics covered in the TAL Risk Academy webinar include:

  • Financial advice regulatory and legal requirements
  • Financial advice construction
  • Applied ethical and professional reasoning and communication
Beau Riley…new webinar highlights areas of weakness displayed by candidates generally…

TAL Head of Licensees and Partnerships, Beau Riley, says that with the release of the June FASEA exam results, FASEA outlined specific areas of weakness which have been displayed by candidates generally.

“The purpose of TAL’s new webinar is to highlight these areas of weakness and to provide learning material and practice tests that enable exam candidates to cover these areas appropriately in their exam preparation.”

(Also see: Areas Where Advisers Have Under-Performed.)

Riley says the FASEA exam can be a daunting process, and that the company’s goal is to support advisers with guidance that enables them to focus their studies and preparation so they can sit the exam with confidence.

The webinar, Explore difficult FASEA exam topics is free of charge and available on demand for all financial advisers. Click here for more information.