Launch of Pre-Assessment Efficiency Platform


Software provider, Unitysure, has announced the pending release of a new underwriting pre-assessment platform and is calling on risk specialist advisers to participate in the launch of the new service.

Called PreAssess Hero, the software platform is designed to offer advisers the opportunity to simultaneously submit client underwriting pre-assessment details to multiple product providers.

Unitysure CEO Russell Cain …an opportunity for risk specialists to trial the new pre-assessment service

According to Unitysure CEO, Russell Cain, whose licensee business, Life Insurance Direct, has been successfully piloting the platform in recent months, insurers are currently handling thousands of pre-assessments a month and each insurer uses a different approach: “It’s clear that one of the major issues in the industry is the time and investment involved in the pre-assessment process,” says Cain, who continued:

“For advisers, the main struggle is knowing which key questions to ask and documents to provide while tracking and recording the best insurer responses for their clients.” Cain also noted that on the other side of the coin, underwriters grapple with the volume of pre-assessments and lack of information provided by advisers and paraplanners, and that managing the process, tracking productivity and inforce completion rates of pre-assessments are common issues encountered by insurers.

Cain advocates that the simultaneous nature of the pre-assessment submissions within a single package allows efficiency gains for both advice businesses and underwriting departments that will:

  • Reduce overall costs
  • Facilitate team collaboration
  • Improve accuracy
  • Enhance productivity

Unitysure is inviting 25 risk specialist advisers to subscribe for free to the platform as it launches its service to the advice community.

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