Advisers’ Average Gross Revenue Analysed


The average gross revenue generated by financial advisers for the financial year 2022/23 was just over $460,000, Wealth Data’s latest analysis has found.

Colin Williams …a goal of establishing a benchmark for financial adviser gross revenue generated during the year

The research company’s Colin Williams says the firm reviewed the ASX financial statements and presentations from eight companies that provide financial adviser services, with the goal of establishing a benchmark for financial adviser gross revenue generated for the year.

His chart highlights that the range varies from $600,000 per adviser for one company, down to $236,550.

“The median number for the group is $393,050. The ‘average’, calculated as adding up all revenue and dividing by all advisers, came in at $463,258.”

Courtesy of Wealth Data.

In his notes on the data Williams says “…not all companies provide actual revenue amounts for advisers. Some do, others have the data consolidated with other revenue lines.”

When the data has not been explicit, his firm has used its experience to delve into the revenues generated and expenses paid back to advisers.

Wealth Data cross-referenced each company’s data for the number of advisers with its own data.

“For the purpose of this exercise, we have used the ‘average’ number of advisers, this being a simple calculation of adding the number of the advisers at the start and end of the financial year and dividing by two.”

He adds the firm has also discounted the number of advisers on the ASIC FAR, to allow for the number of non-client facing staff who may be on the FAR.

“Generally, this is only 5% unless we note a significant difference between our data and what was published to the ASX.”

Williams notes the total number of advisers, averaged over this period, was 3,856.

The  companies reviewed were AMP, Centrepoint, Count, Diverger, Fiducian, Insignia, Sequoia and WT Financial Group.